Training & Resources for Hospices

Hospices receive their PEPPER via PEPPER Resources Portal at View a map of Hospice PEPPER retrievals by state.

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  • Learn how PEPPER helps a Washington hospice (PDF) focus on patients
  • Learn how (PDF) a Kentucky Hospice uses PEPPER to monitor compliance risk areas.

Current PEPPER User's Guide:


  • View a list of the 4 MAC jurisdictions and the number of hospices in each jurisdiction in total and by state for PEPPER version Q4FY15 (XLS, updated 3/17/2016).

PEPPER Update for Hospices; April 2016:

PEPPER Training, March 2016:

  • Hospices PEPPER Training Session 1: (Duration: 45:06): This session reviews the PEPPER for Hospices. It includes the history and background of PEPPER and a description of the target areas (areas at higher risk for improper Medicare payments) included in the PEPPER. It also discusses percents and percentiles and the comparison groups.
  • Hospices PEPPER Training Session 2: (Duration: 27:30): This session walks through a demonstration Hospice PEPPER and reviews each of the reports included.
  • Hospices PEPPER Training Session 3: (Duration: 22:10): This session reviews how Hospices can use PEPPER, how PEPPER is distributed, and resources available for assisting PEPPER users.
  • Download the PowerPoint slides (PDF) for this Hospice PEPPER update.

Demonstration PEPPER:

  • Demonstration PEPPER version Q4FY15 (XLS, updated 3/17/2016)

Other Resources: